Residential Internet Services

Residential Internet Service

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Everything You Need With No Compromises

We are a local, family owned company with local support right here in East Texas. We offer our customers fast, reliable, and secure internet service throughout the greater Tyler area. Unlike other rural internet providers, with DCTexas, there are no contracts or usage caps. By utilizing cutting edge wireless technology, we can offer the high speed and reliability of a traditional connection without the hassle, or high price, of other wireless internet providers. Call one of our local representatives in Tyler, Texas, today so that we can tell you more about our quality, no nonsense, residential internet service.


  • Basic

  • Up to 1mbps download

  • Up to 512kbps upload

  • Browsing and Email

  • Great for Average Users

  • Deluxe

  • Up to 2mbps download

  • Up to 768kbps upload

  • Gaming or Streaming Capable

  • Great for Multiple Users

  • Ultimate

  • Up to 4mbps download

  • Up to 1mbps Upload

  • HD Streaming or Gaming Ready

  • Great for Power Users

  • Extreme

  • Up to 8mbps download

  • Up to 1mbps upload

  • Everything At Your Fingertips

  • Great for the Tech Savvy Family

*All packages subject to availability in any given coverage area. Also, all services provided are subject to our Internet Access Agreement and Use Policy which can be found at the bottom of this page.