Dialup Setup

Windows Vista

Click on the Start Button and then click on the Network option.

Select Network and Sharing Center from the top of the screen.

Next, Select Set up a Connection or Network

Select Set up a dial-up connection from the menu options.

Enter the DCTexas dial-up number which we will provide to you. If you do not know the DCTexas dial-up number, please call (866) DCTEXAS for assistance.

Enter your username and password in the fields shown. (Be sure to type these correctly)

Enter DCTexas in the connection name field.

If you would like for anyone using the computer to have access to the internet, check the box for Allow other people to use this connection. It will bring up a window where you must choose continue.

Then click connect and the computer will begin to connect to the internet and you are done.

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Dialup Numbers

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  • Brownsboro
  • Frankston
  • Kemp
  • Kerens
  • Palestine