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Business Class VOIP Phone Solutions

  • Standard Features
    Everything is included up front with our commercial phone solutions. This includes things such as voicemail, conferences, paging, IVRs, call parking, and call queuing.
  • Cost Effective
    Our open source VOIP systems typically can be installed at a much lower cost than comparable traditional systems.
  • Scalable
    With the right setup, VOIP phone systems are almost infinitely scalable to adjust to your growing needs,  from one phone extension to hundreds.
  • Future Proof
    Utilizing an open source deployment, our systems can accept a wide range of brands of VOIP telephones. This includes everything from old models, to the newest on the market. With the live updating capabilities, we never have to take the server offline to perform routine or critical updates. This allows our system to be upgraded to accept new features at any the time.
  • Your phone, anywhere!
    One of VOIP's best capabilities is that you can utilize your business phone system anywhere you can get a reliable internet connection.  Do you have someone who telecommutes?  No problem, just give them a VOIP phone, with an extension on your phone system, and they can answer the phone where ever they are.  Need to link up mulitple offices for easy interoffice calling?  Simply put a system at each location, and link them together, to make calls between offices at no charge extension-to-extension.

Hosted PBX Solution

  • Hardware
    With our Hosted VOIP solution, the only hardware required is a local data network with access to the internet and telephones (which we provide).
  • Benefits
    Our hosted VOIP solution gives you all of the features of an onsite PBX without the headache, and expense, of managing it yourself. We even include equipment rental in the price for you! For $35.00 a month per line, you recieve a full featured phone line and a commercial quality telephone to utilize the service.
  • Is it for me?
    We recomend this solution for businesses that require ten or fewer phones. With all VOIP solutions, you will require a quality high speed internet connection to ensure good call quality.

VOIP Trunking (Phone Lines) Solution

  • Hardware
    With our VOIP trunking solution telephone units may be purchased, or we can provide them at an additional cost. You will require an onsite PBX and a local data network with access to the internet.
  • Benefits
    Our VOIP trunking solution gives you a scalable number of phone lines for use in your office. Instead of paying per line, you save money by buying in bulk! If you already have an IT staff in place, they can manage your PBX completely in house, which means you have total control of your phone system.
  • Is it for me?
    We recomend this solution to businesses that require more than ten phones, or already have a VOIP PBX onsite. At this point it lowers recurring costs to add lines to your phone system. This option may also be preferred for organizations that prefer a high level of control over their information technology infrastructure. Please call for pricing and consultation.

Turn-Key PBX (VOIP Phone Server)

  • Hardware
    We build our PBX using SuperMicro hardware, running a linux-based operating system. You will require a local data network with access to the internet, and telephones. We can install, or configure your network and telephones as well.
  • Benefits
    With our Turn-Key PBX, you will have a commercial grade phone system with all the features, for a fraction of the cost (save THOUSANDS). Our experienced techs will do a full custom installation of the system, and configure any onsite hardware required.
  • Is it for me?
    We recomend this solution to business that need a phone system, or need to replace an aging analog phone system. This is a fully custom service; therefore, we can build it from the ground up or retro-fit the system to your existing infrastructure. Please call for pricing and consultation.

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