Frequent Questions

What is Fixed Wireless Internet technology?

Fixed Wireless brings high-speed internet into your home or business using radio waves instead of a phone line or cable TV line. NO PHONE LINES OR CABLE TV LINES NEEDED! We mount a receiving radio on the outside of your home and run one cable into the home where all we need is power for the outside radio.

How fast is your wireless internet?

Our service can have a maximum download speed of up to (8Mbps) and upload speed of (1Mbps) in our residential plans.

Can I stream online video (Netflix, Hulu, etc)?

Yes, you can stream online video with most of our Internet packages. However, online video streaming is the most strenuous thing you can do with your Internet connection. While you are streaming video, you will be using 100% of your internet connection the entire time which means even loading webpages on another computer can be slow. If you are having a lot of issues with this, please call us we have a solution for you that can help greatly. Also, we do not guarantee performance of any of these services on our network.

What is your current coverage area?

Please call to confirm coverage for your area or check out our searchable coverage map on the coverage page.

What equipment is needed?

For residential internet installations, all you need is an ethernet capable computer; however, we recommend purchasing a wireless router. For businesses, we connect our equipment to your existing border router.

How secure is Wireless Broadband Technology?

Our wireless is encrypted with the best possible security that can be used with current technology. Using 256 bit AES encryption on WPA2, our wireless infrastructure is as robust as many wired networks from a security view point.

Do I have to change my e-mail address?

Yes and No! If you are using an email address associated with another ISP, Yes! If you use one of many great free email services on the web such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Hotmail, No!

Do I need a phone line?

For Dialup Service you will be required to supply an active phone line. For High Speed Wireless no phone or cable lines are required.

Is Internet access unlimited?

Wireless Internet is a full-time connection; your computer is connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Unlike Satellite and Cellular providers, our services currently have no data caps or throttling in place. Please check out our General Use Policy for more information.

I have more than one computer. Do I need more than one Wireless Internet installation?

No, all you need is a router (which we recommend even if you only have one computer). We can provide one at an extra charge or we can recommend one for you. Just ask us about it.

How long will it take to install?

The average turn around from order to installation is usually less than 48 hours. The actual typical installation is usually completed within 1 to 3 hours.

What is the downside to wireless Internet?

Wireless Internet has a somewhat limited coverage area, for that reason we ask that you call to confirm serviceability. We will not install any location that we feel would have an unreliable connection.

Can weather affect the Wireless Internet signal?

Short answer, No. Since we use terrestrial-based towers instead of satellites, service is not interrupted by atmospheric conditions. Links are also not affected by fog, smog, snow or non-torrential rain. However, like any ISP, acts of nature can disrupt service. At DCTexas we strive to have near more than 99% up time for everyone on our network. We will typically respond to reported outages within 24 hours or less.

What can affect the Wireless Internet signal?

The general rule of thumb is that our radio signals are "line-of-sight" meaning they really need to be able to see the tower. However, sometimes we can get by without a true line of sight and here in East Texas we have very large trees which do affect the signal. Please call for serviceability.

Is Wireless the same as satellite? Internet?

NO! Wireless uses ground-based antennas to transmit data to your location. Also, satellite systems have higher latency (the time it takes data to travel between 2 points) since the data has to travel from your location up to the satellite 26,200 miles up and back down to the Internet.

How does this Wireless compare to Cable and/or DSL?

Our Wireless service will be very comparable to these services however as a small company we try to maintain better performance than the alternatives, and be available in areas that traditional ISP's will not or cannot cover. While our speeds will not match those of traditional cable/DSL systems we try to be more reliable and versatile.

Why should I choose DCTexas Wireless Internet access over other high-speed (broadband) options such as Cable, DSL, Satellite, Cellular, or any another wireless provider?

DCTexas has no contracts or commitments, competitive pricing and speeds, coverage of cable and DSL dead zones, and no data caps like satellite or cellular providers. However, the main reason you should choose DCTexas is because of our superb customer service, local (in town) knowledgeable staff, and lightning quick response times.

How much does it cost?

For up to date pricing, please contact us or check out our service pages on the website

What does the equipment look like?

Our antennas have a variety of looks depending on what kind of signal we can get at your location. Most likely it will be similar to your common satellite-tv dish.

What frequency does your wireless equipment use?

Keeping up in technology, we use a huge variety of the radio spectrum, ranging from 900Mhz, 2.4 Ghz, and 5.8 Ghz bands. This allows us to be more versatile in how and where we can deploy our equipment.

Where can I learn more about broadband wireless technology?

Additional information about broadband wireless technology can be accessed at the following web site: The Wireless LAN Association

I am ready, what is the next step?

Simply contact us either by phone (903) 581 6500 or via email: