Commercial Phone Systems

Many Customizable Features

At DCTexas, we know that your communications is everything to your business. We know that you need efficient handling of you communications and because of that we customize each installation to your specific needs. This allows you to work and communicate with your customers conveniently and easily.


Service & Support starting at just $35 per month

System Options

  • Hosted Phone System

    Starting at $35.00/month
  • Custom Configured

  • Low Upfront Costs

  • Hardware Included & Maintained

  • Internet Required

  • 903-581-6500
  • On Site Phone System

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  • Custom Built & Optimized

  • Lot's of Optional Extras

  • Maintainence Contracts Available

  • Internet Not Required


Features Explained

Caller ID

Inbound & Outbound identification for callers and callees.

Call Transfer

Calls can be easily transferred between phones utilizing built in keys on the phone or feature dial codes.

Call Parking

Calls can be parked in a temporary location and picked up from any other phone on the system.

Call Forwarding

Calls can be forwarded out of the system to any other telephone number.

Voicemail (email option)

Voicemail is built in at no cost and has the ability to email you the voicemail as an attachment.

Multiple Offices

Different locations can all use the same hosted phone instance. This allows easy transfer of calls and call control.

Remote Users

Hosted phone services naturally allow for mobile and remote user capability. Ask us about your options here if you need this feature.

Access Lists (Call Control)

With deny or allow lists, you can help prevent abuse of you communications by spam callers or others who may need to be allowed or restricted.

Follow Me

This feature is handy for the mobile user. It allows calls that ring your desk phone to be automatically rolled to your cell phone.

Auto Attendent (IVR)

The auto attendent (IVR) feature is very useful to filter the destination of your inbound calls. It can also be useful in several other circumstances such as after hours allowing callers to select automated options like "hear store hours".

Music On Hold

Default music on hold is provided with every installation. Customized music on hold is easily possible and useful for advertising in that space.

Office Hours (Call Control)

Have your phones automatically "turn on" when your work day begins and "turn off" again when the day is over. Calls can easily be handled in different manners based on time of day, by the push of a button, or other call control features.

Ring Groups

Calls can be grouped in to different ring groups to allow better handling of your communications. Example: calls for sales can ring only sales people.

Conference Rooms

Our built in basic conference room is a standard feature of our systems.

Intercom & Paging

Intercom allows you to "buzz" your coworkers for quick communications needs. Paging allows for broadcast messages to be sent over the entire system and/or optionally over a speaker system.

Busy/Ringing Indication

The Busy Lamp Field (BLF) allows you to see when other coworkers are on the phone or when their phone is ringing. We can also use this for indicating call control features.