Setup your high speed connection

First Time Setup

When our technicians complete the installation of your high speed service, there should be very little left for you to do. You may need to setup your router in order to provide wireless inside your home (although, we typically do this for you as well). If you need assistance with setting up your router, refer to our router setup guide or call the manufacturer for assitance. DCTexas internet service is designed to be plug and play. Your connection will always be active.


If, for any reason, you need to move your DCTexas POE adapter, please be aware that it needs to be reconnected properly to prevent damage to your equipment. We STRONGLY advise you to call DCTexas support if you have ANY doubt as to how the POE adapter is to be wired. If you need your internet jack inside your home moved to a new location, please contact us to setup a service call.

New Device

If you get a new computer, tablet, or other device and need help setting it up, please refer to the appropriate guide in our support section or contact the device manufacturer for assistance.